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Sissell’s Automotive (aka Sissell Racing Heads) officially opened its doors for business in 1966 following 12 years of racing by the company’s founder the late Kay Sissell. Parts, services and techniques were developed on his personal racing engines, fellow racers, seeing the amazing results of Kay’s racing program started requesting parts, and services thus the business was born. Word of mouth and numerous magazine articles about Kay’s success on the track gave his young company a real boost. In 1968 we were introduced to the flow bench where we learned even more ways to make our cylinder heads better. We built our own unit that same year and have been improving the “state of the art” ever since. In 1970 we acquired an engine dyno which is on our premises to this date. We use the dyno to further develop our products for optimum performance for specific types of racing. We have, for instance, found that for certain uses our lesser expensive cylinder head modifications work just as well as our higher dollar welded version, this being governed primarily by RPM and displacement. We are very proud of all the notable racers we have served with over the years. They include: CAR RACERS: Brad Anderson, Baines & Baines, Glen Self, Sherman Sligh, Joe Williamson, Ken Veney. BOAT RACERS:  Bob Teague, Charlie Souza Don Petrotta, Bill Arnswald, Roger Finney, Charlie Miranda. ENGINE BUILDERS: Gene Adams, Jack Bayer, Keith Black, Bartz Engine Dev., Dan Olson, Leon (Bubby) Wilton. In 1974 Kay was joined by fellow fireman, Mike Kirby, as an apprentice and he learned all that Kay could teach him about cylinder heads and engine building. It was about at this time that Kay began his boat racing career and the business expanded to include boat motors. Kay ended his boat career with championships in endurance jet boat racing. In the mid 1980’s when nostalgia drag racing was just becoming popular, Mike and Kay decided to resurrect the 1923 T Altered (Sixtee) that was a D & E Altered record holder with the NHRA through the late 1960’s. It was updated and made its debut at the Irwindale Reunion race at the old Palmdale (LACR) raceway. It ran in the inline/flathead class throughout the west coast, winning numerous races. With its upgrades and improvements and with Kay driving the Sixtee produced a new record of 9.21 ET on gas.  In 1989, Mike and Kay added a 292 powered front motored nostalgia dragster. It ran as fast as 8.19 on alcohol. It was based on the twin engine car that Kay raced in the early 70’s. Just before Kay’s passing in 1992 Mike and Kay actually found the twin engine dragster, Sixsession. Mike lovingly restored and upgraded Sixsession, after Kay’s passing and it made its debut at the 2000 March meet, finishing runner- up in the highly competitive Nostalgia Eliminator class. The driving duties of the Sixtee were eventually given to Mike’s son, Kevin Kirby, who won two Good Guys Nostalgia championships in the Inline/Flathead class. Today, Mike carries on the Sissell tradition producing quality 6 cylinder products that are not only dyno tested but track tested. He continues with research and development of new products and technologies for the 6 cylinder motor for street, boat and track.
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